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There are so many laws and regulations you need to comply with when running your company. Any late filing or non-compliance can bring heavy penalties to the company and even the directors.

Appoint Credo as your company secretary today – We stay on top of your corporate compliance matters and keep up with changing statutory requirements.

Transfer your Company Secretary to Credo

  • Get frustrated with your current company secretary? We make the transfer easy.
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How to transfer?

Follow these simple steps to change your Company Secretary to Credo!

1. Get in touch with us

Simply give us a call or fill out our online form to get started.

2. Verify identity for directors and shareholders

We’ll get back to you very soon to understand your needs and verify the information provided.

3. Notify your current secretary to resign

You can notify your current company secretary about the transfer and settle any outstanding bills. We’ll provide you with a template of the termination letter which is to be sent to your current secretary.

Subject: Termination of company secretary services

Dear [Company secretary],

We hereby notify you of our intention to terminate the agreement we have with you for the corporate secretary and registered office address services provided by your firm. This agreement should end on [DD/MM].

We would like to thank you for your service.

Please reply to this email to acknowledge our decision. Our new company secretary copied in this email will coordinate with you to handover the statutory records of the company.

4. Sign board resolutions

We prepare the engagement letter and resolutions to be signed by the directors for the appointment of new secretary and change of registered address.

5. We file the change with SSM

We submit the relevant documents to SSM. Then we arrange with your resigning secretary to take over the secretarial documents.

Done! It’s that simple. Switching to us is as easy as switching your phone data plan.

Company Secretary Packages

*Billed upfront anually


960 800

Suitable for a small company with a stable structure

Standard package includes:
  • 12-month retainer fee for:
    • Licensed Company Secretary (RM 70/month)
    • Registered office address (RM 10/month)
  • Maintaining company's register and minutes books
  • Monitoring SSM filing deadlines
  • Advice on Secretarial and Company Compliance matters
  • Regular compliance alert via email or Whatsapp
  • Preparing resolutions & letters (subject to additional fees)


2,500 2,000

Suitable for the first year company with many expected changes, or for a larger business

Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Preparation & filing of Annual Return to SSM
  • Filing of Audited Financial Statements to SSM
  • SSM annual filing fee included - RM 200
  • Up to 10 certified true copies of SSM documents per year
  • Up to 10 standard Directors'/Shareholders' Resolutions per year
Change in officers
  • Change in officers' particulars
  • Change of business address or business activity
  • Change of bank signatories
  • Change of financia year end
  • Bank account opening
  • Share allotment
  • Transfer of shares (excl. Stamp Duty)
  • Declaration of dividends
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Acquisition or disposal of motor vehicles
  • Letter of confirmation on company Information


  • Enjoy first 3-month FREE secretarial retainer fee (worth RM 240) by transferring your company secretary to Credo.


The company secretary (or corporate secretary), is an officer every Malaysia company must have. He/She acts as an official liaison officer for your company as they are the bridge between the company and SSM. Their job is to make sure company paperwork is in order, on time, and in compliance with all laws and regulations governing the company.

A company secretary also acts as a mediator between directors and shareholders. With their extensive knowledge about the internal governance of the company, they are often relied upon for advice and solutions for example if there is an internal conflict between shareholders and directors, a company secretary will often step in to mediate.

  • Ensuring that the company complies with all the statutory requirements, including the Companies Act 2016, its Constitution, Employment Act etc.
  • Organising board meetings and general meetings, and preparing directors’ and shareholders’ resolutions.
  • Maintaining the company’s statutory registers, such as registers of directors / shareholders / charges.
  • Timely filing of all the company changes (eg appointment/resignation of director, transfer of shares) and
    necessary documents (eg. Annual Return) to SSM.
  • Acting as an advisor to the Board on governance matters and a link between the company’s shareholders and directors
  • Company Secretary tracks changes in your company and reports to SSM. Whenever you change directors, auditors, secretaries, shareholders, business address, your share capital or the company name, they prepare signing documents and send a notice to update SSM
  • Maintain Register Books, like the Register of Directors, Register of Shareholders, Register of Charges
  • Maintain Minutes Book. It records all minutes of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings as well as resolutions passed by directors and shareholders. For example, AGM, EGM, board resolution to open bank accounts/purchase properties or cars/accept banking facilities
  • Dealing with the official correspondences, usually from SSM and lawyers

Under the Section 235 of the Companies Act 2016, a company must have at least one company secretary who shall be:

  1. A natural person
  2. 18 years old and above
  3. A citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia
  4. Possess at least one of the qualifications below:
    • A chartered accountant who is registered under the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)
    • A chartered secretary who is registered under the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA)
    • A licensed secretary who is licensed by the Company Commission of Malaysia to be a company secretary
    • A lawyer who is registered with Malaysian Bar or any relevant authorities
  5. Must not be a bankrupt and is not convicted of any offence in or outside Malaysia under the Companies Act

Yes, according to Section 236 of the Companies Act 2016, every company must appoint a company secretary within 30 days of its incorporation.

The office of the company secretary cannot be left vacant for more than 30 days at any point in time. In other words, a company cannot run its business without a company secretary for more than 30 days.

There should be a new secretary appointed to replace the secretary’s position within 30 days after removing a secretary or receiving notice of resignation. In practice, the removal of an existing secretary and the appointment of a new secretary is usually done simultaneously.

No, you don’t have to worry. We handle all the transition between us and your existing secretary.

The position of both director and company secretary can only be held by the same person if the company has more than 1 director.

The director’s role is to make sure the company is performing to its best and achieving its desired goals. The company secretary’s role is to make sure the company is operating smoothly in accordance with all the statutory and regulatory policies.

We don’t encourage to do so. Please do not treat your company secretary as your accountant, tax advisor, lawyer or even your PA. These are all different roles and should be performed by respective professionals.

Credo does provide a comprehensive range of business services to cater to your various business needs.

An Annual Return is a summary of the company profile containing information such as business address, business activity, registered address, shareholding structure, directors and shareholders, etc.

Every company must file the Annual Return with SSM each year, within 30 days from the anniversary of the company incorporation date.

Even if there are no changes made to the company profile, the Annual Return still has to be filed with SSM each year.